• Prayer Shawl Ministry

    For many years, Emanuel members have used their knitting talents to create Prayer Shawls. These shawls are stitched with the prayers of the knitter and are provided free to church members, friends, families, and community members who are ill or grieving. Once per month, newly knitted shawls are blessed during worship. 


  • Parish Nursing

    Parish Nursing is a holistic case management practice within the congregation that focuses on health promotion and disease prevention. Emanuel’s parish nurse, Lynne Gustafson assesses, plans and implements nursing care that addresses the strengths and deficits of individuals, the congregation and the community. The parish nurse functions as a facilitator of health, promoting the congregation’s ministry of healing.

    Lynne writes a monthly newsletter article about some aspect of health and wellness and promotes health education programs available within the community.

    As a health counselor she provides private sessions with individuals to assist them to modify their life, adjust to disease, cope with chronic illness and other health concerns. She visits members in hospitals, homes and institutions of any kind to provide wholistic health care. She provides prayerful support for those in need and follows the doctrines of the Lutheran Church.

    As a referral agent she refers individuals to appropriate health care resources within their community as well as supports and interprets medical regimes.

    As a health care advocate she works with other health care professionals and clergy within the church and community to expand the concept of wholistic care. She assesses individual and church health needs and concerns and advocates for change.

    The Parish Nurse does not provide hands on care nor does she replace ones primary health care provider.

  • "Beyond our Walls" MINISTRY

    Beyond the four walls of Emanuel, we support many local organizations through monetary donations as well as tangible items. Some of these organizations include: MACC (Manchester Area Conference of Churches) Charities, Gentle Love Diaper Pantry, CLCC (Creative Living Community of CT), Calumet Lutheran Ministries, Samaritan Fund, Seasonal Sharing, Cards for Caring, Visitation to homebound and/or hospitalized members, and support to Lutheran Seminarians.