• CLCC is a group of committed and passionate people who came together to create a Farmstead Village where community is intentional and meaningful. The village will include: supportive housing, productive farming and gardening, art, music, crafts, weaving, cooking and animal care. They are a community of parents, siblings, relatives, friends, artists, advocates, teachers, students and more. 

    CLCC is a non-profit organization and is grateful to those who support it in a variety of ways. 

    Emanuel Lutheran has deep connections to this project and is committed to supporting its efforts in a variety of ways.

  • Emanuel Housing Corporation

    Emanuel Housing Corporation (EHC) continues its mission to provide rental housing to elderly members of Emanuel and/or other elderly or needy people of Manchester, Connecticut and surrounding communities.

    EHC was organized in 1990 as a separate, non-profit corporation, with ties to Emanuel Lutheran Church of Manchester, CT. (ELC) The EHC currently maintains two properties, each with four, one-bedroom apartments located close to the church. 

    The Board of Directors may have up to seven (7) members. Evening meetings on the fourth Tuesday of each month are held at Emanuel. Individuals interested in serving on the Board are encouraged to contact the church (860-643-1193) for further information.

  • We encourage you to read our RIC Affirmation of Welcome. You can find it HERE. It is also placed throughout the church. Being inclusive doesn't just stop at an affirmation statement. The RIC Mission team is committed to education programs that benefit the congregation and enable them to be ambassadors in the greater world to promote inclusion, acceptance, and compassion for all people. Our congregation is fully welcoming and as such all members including the gay, lesbian, and transgender community are allowed FULL participation in the life of the congregation. That includes the right to serve on any mission team, council, participate in all activities, lay leadership, pastoral services, baptism, confirmation, funeral rights, and marriage. The ELCA also permits the ordination of gay, lesbian, and transgender individuals.

  • As founding members of the Manchester Area Conference of Churches (MACC), Emanuel supports the array of human services provided through Case Managers and Volunteers. 

  • We are a people passionately committed to rolling up our sleeves and engaging with the vast needs of our times, as well as the complex questions that surround us. Lutherans are people of grace, God's grace. When we are at our best, we embody it in our words and our actions. At the same time, we make no pretense of being a perfect people. Instead we consider ourselves, "sinners anonymous", people who are deeply hungry for God in Christ in our lives and our world. - James Hazelwood, Bishop, New England Synod

    To read the Bishop's latest thoughts and messages, click to go to his blog.


  • Through ELCA World Hunger, HIV and AIDS Ministry, Lutheran Disaster Response, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, Emanuel sends support to the larger church through special fundraising efforts throughout the year.


  • THE ELCA's Good Gifts Program allows you to make a difference in the life of others and give 2 GIFTS at ONCE! Check them out! A great socially conscious alternative to gift giving. Select from more than 50 gifts to give in honor of a friend or loved one. While you’re at it, choose something for yourself!